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of the merger. i was hearing it was a full out acquisition, the new york stock exchange getting bought by the intercontinental exchange and that blew me away. it is an amazing story. we fight for seconds here. going on the air, basically saying at the new york stock exchange about the taken over, this is not a merger of equalss, this is a takeover of the most venerable, one of the most venerable institutions in american finance, the new york stock exchange. it is been there since the old button agreement. [talking over each other] charlie: that is why they call it -- they became essentially a club of freighters under that and expanded to much bigger than a tree, beautiful headquarters, but here is the thing. when i started to digest it it was a phenomenal story. the intercontinental exchange was created only 12 years ago by jeff springer, a longtime executive in the energy industry. people don't realize energy is a commodity, commodities are traded in exchanges locking in costs. he came up with a system to forget about the pits of chicago where people ice-cream at each other or new yor
latest, but his listening in. time for the floor show. traders of the new york stock exchange, cme group, and the nymex. a teeny little stumble after the comments from harry reid, but are you surprised by the resiliency of this rally with volume 30 percent better than friday? >> not so surprised. for a while now, for the last week when it comes to the the stock of negotiations, this the inside game and the outside game it's playing out precisely how we thought it would. they get in front of the cameras and try to put dampening remarks on, than they eat -- we got information. what's really interesting, it's very broadbased. this is not a head fake for the bigger averages. if you look at the small-cap stocks, the iww, i wm, they're rallying along with this. treasuries are selling off. money is clearly written into equities. the fiscal cliff sectors that would be here -- heard are really rallying. materials and financials are ll moving nicely hired, and the financials are moving higher because the yield curve is starting to steepen. liz: let me get to dan at the cme. you have a strange man
dropping to its three month low. very mild. looking at behind me in new york. what are we missing as a play, an investment like? are we in that very land and? >> we've been calling for lower natural gas. most of the profit is best. the sale at 380-385. right now it's an oversold market. 327 is the low. we hit it today anywhere between 327 and 330 i'm buying. and on the upside 342-345. i don't think we will see it again this year. liz: never again. >> okay. never again. liz: the collective commodities, the dollar, what the fed did. that seems like a million dollars to 5 million miles away. but in these next two weeks from a trader perspective. people just at the way or are they fully in because we don't have an answer? >> there will not be fully in. what we have right now, an argument between deflation and inflation. the numbers coming through, especially today. the fed is pumping action of billions of dollars in the market every month. the same time they're staying low or longer or slower longer which is an inflationary message . liz: again, people still look at that as a safety play, and i
have traders on the new york stock exchange, the cme group, and the imex. we start with crude, perhaps iraq scaling down its production. we got iran doing their naval exercises again, and perhaps a little bit of optimism that washington will finally get it done, but either way, look at it, hoil of to the upside. >> yeah, i think all the reasons mentioned are partly why we're up higher today. i also think this is just a technical rally. we broke out above key resistance levels. i think we can trade up to 92 #.09, the next level up. there's a report of a terrorist threat thwarted in united arab emirates, and we have early indications inter next crude oil number is a draw. bullish as well. ashlie williams thank -- ashley: thank you. firstly, doreen, what happened? well, we are negative again, but wiped most of the losses on the day on a very quiet day. >> very, vie quiet. as you pointed out, ashley, retailers what everybody's looking at because it's a predicter and indication of how consumers feel, and gdp in 2013, you know, consumers are 70% of the number, and it doesn't really, the numb
with is that the new york stock exchange cme group. john cortina, what was it like last night? how closely we want to mess with the stock futures dropping precipitously. it's not as bad as it could've been, is that right? >> yes, it's amazing what twitter can provide for you for information. i was at my child's recital and might twitter feed was going on. clearly, we saw a lot about last what happens overnight is that there's not a lot of volume or liquidity. you're going to see that shipped. the volatility in the market. especially that we saw with the s&p. if things like this find a way, i think that's healthy for the market. it's to showing it that yes, we were able to react to it. we put it all together. it seems like the market down its place. big panic isn't there yet. i think what happened on washington is when the republicans said, listen, here's where we're at right now. they were expecting a the sap in the market. now they can say, we told you it was going to happen. look at how the market reacted. clearly, i think we have a match going back and forth. the effectiveness on the market is
page of the business section in "the new york times," front page of the "wall street journal," blowing it out of proportion? >> our last report had something like 100 million users of instagram. anything that affects instagram touches a lot of people. it is still very popular. sure there is some loss of users near term after they detach themselves from twitter, but ultimately this is a business. investors should be focused on the fact facebook is trying to find ways to monetize, but they are smart, they will not jeopardize the user experience, they're better than that. they know if users have a problem with something, they will fix that. they have done these things in the past. user policies have evolved over time and will continue to evolve. important thing is they reacted very quickly, they did not wait for a week or 10 days for this to get a life of its own. it's still good, but ultimately one thing that caught my attention was the response that they will not be selling photos. their intention is if you are a business and you want to be able to use some of the data from instagram, w
's look to the floor show. traders at new york stock exchange, the cme group and the nymex. my, oh, my. let's begin with ben willis at the newscy. -- nyse. we had some bias coming in the last half hour. >> as long as washington keeps santa claus hostage we'll continue to see this. "the santa clause" rally hasn't appeared because it has been over this fiscal cliff. kudos on fox business for the headline of story coming out of washington congress will meet on sunday this coming weekend that. is definitely took us off our low. we had a major rally on that. 10 handles on the s.o.p.s we watched down here. it was a painful trade there for a couple of hours. ashley: ben, very quickly up until now the market hasn't really reacted to the fiscal cliff but seems today it really sort of kicked in. did the market get it wrong up to this point? >> the fear is we may have got it wrong. market as i've been saying for a while believes in fact we will have a resolution so we will not go over the cliff. the recent commentary maybe has been there will be a patch so we'll get it done by early january. the
. getting to the floor show. we got traders in the new york stock exchange, cme group, and imex. beginning with bobby at the nsci. it's held hostage for so long now. what happens if there's a deal that doesn't address anything? is the market stuck in limbo for more weeks, maybe months down the road? >> well, i suspect you're right. if they come out with a cobbled deal that extends it out a little bit, i imagine there's some sort of a rally, maybe not a big rally, a couple hundred points, but back in the same place for a couple weeks. the weeks before the election, everybody talked about the fiscal cliff, and until they really put this deal together fully and for the long term, it's the same thing going out into the next year. ashley: it's interesting. what if nothing is done? what reaction do you expect there, bobby? >> if nothing's done, i think we'll have the reaction like we have now. i don't know if they'll be able to have an announcement before sttcks close at four o'clock, but everybody is sitting with hands tied behind the back for any news. ashley: dan at the cme. dan, i want to ta
equipment? >> it has everything you would like to have. you could not go to new york and park it and do your business shopping because it goes 40 miles per hour. lori: that is not too shabby. that is actually pretty fast. 13% net profit in the third quarter. what are you forecasting for the duration of the year? >> this is a difficult question to answer. the guidance, about 10 billion topline and 520 and earnings per share. i think that is where we will be, hopefully a little better. i am pretty optimistic for 2013. lori: farming equipment is not my expertise. this is a wonderful segment. thank you very much. really wonderful to meet you this afternoon. thank you. >> thank you. lori: "the closing bell" ringing in about 40 minutes. who will replace timothy geithner? the president may have his mind made up already. charlie gasparino has the latest. stay with us. ♪ lori: quick market check for you, stocks drifting lower into the close, we're close to session lows. the dow is down 53 points. >>> has president obama already made up his mind on who will replace treasury secretary timothy geithne
meeting is in new york. liz: the opposite of the giants. charlie: whatever. i got what you mean. but the board on these two bids finally the saga is it looks like it is coming to an end. what is interesting here is that the board has been meeting since 8:00 a.m. why is it taking this long? you would think, former new york mercantile exchange chairman who allegedly put up a cash bid. if you put up a cash bid for $3, this thing is done. i wonder there is something about financing. 1.50 ye$1.50 billion. they literally have financing from our place. they wonder why they did it not being hit very hard. on the other hand, they virtually do the same thing. high frequency trading. they want to get the market making unit. it is a hard business. making the market, putting the buy and sell together. the handle retail order flow. why aren't they hitting this thing? the bottom line is the employees, we have been reporting this last couple of days but employees are shot themselves to other firms because they ar they're likely t fired, likely to take non-core businesses and basically sell them
are on the floor watching moment by moment. the new york stock exchange, cme, and the nymex. you just heard the representative. we have to wait for the senate. we cannot do anything into the senate comes out. what i noticed was 12:30 p.m. eastern when it was announced the president was going to speak the markets took off. when the president spoke the moderated and now we're back up and running. what are you seeing and how important is it? >> first of all, let the volume. continues to be low. i think we are getting -- this morning we had a bit of a technical rally. a massive short-covering. people want to go home in case we do is some kind of a deal. liz: but looking at, for example, the nasdaq. this is a decent job of close to two percentage points. it looks like people are at least trading. there has to be that feeling positivity. >> the president was very a beat. he really did sound good, confident, and very hopeful that he could still get something done. i don't think so. skype think this is people covering shorts. in volumes like this don't forget it doesn't take much to move the market
to nicole's on the floor of the new york stock exchange. our diamond girl there. >> hey, thanks. jc penney under pressure with the idea that pronotions, sales, and coupons are not the way, but just great prices all the time. what happened? people didn't go there. people like promotions. he's the stock, up 4%, and this is why because slowly, but surely, ron johnson have been moving and doing price events, and this is what they've deny doing over the holiday season. they are now trying to promote better pricing and promotions, and op co had an out performance, they liked it, and it's bringing foot traffic in, and, also, there's stores within the store, one of their ideas they've put into place. it's so far, so good. they have outperformed, and long term call on the company's turn around prospects, but they are keeping it, and the stock is up 7% for the month of december alone. back to you, liz. liz: a friend of mine said she was switching from tj maxx to jcpenney has the new store. >> really? liz: you never hear that, but maybe mr. johnson's ideas are starting to work. from bond to hollywood
're in new york will you see as? we love your perspective. >> thanks. i would be honored. liz: steven leblanc. >> have a good christmas. liz: thank you so much. founding partner and really puts a lot of high feed people out there, so good for him. closing bell ringing in 37 minutes. we will be right back. liz: night capital is not sold the vultures are eyeing their carcasses that the new management will sell off. story continues that you have a big twist here now. charlie: this is interesting. sources tell the fox business network matter who buys night capital, between $3 and $3 and $3.20 a share, or $3.50, who buys it? they're likely to sell one of the big pieces which is a brokerage called hot spot. sources tell the fox business network that the nasdaq of all places, is eyeing that potential to potentially by hot spot, once the deal gets done. nobody is reporting it. [talking over each other] they may buy it anyway if they don't sell. if they don't sell, they will sell parts of it, but if they -ell, the likelihood that verto will take out parts of knight is very real. management on both sid
standing by at the new york stock exchange. nicole: i am looking at avon products. you may remember coty which made a bid and then made a sweetened offer and avon rejected it. now it is up 5%. it is a top performer on the s&p 500. alpha is now reporting that coty may step in again. this was back in may when they raised their bid to 24.75. it sounds pretty good when you are trading at $14. we will see what actually transpires. right now, we may be seeing coty stepping in once again. cheryl: nicole petallides, thank you very much. should the u.s. start exporting natural gas? with the benefits the overall worth it? liz claman talk to a man at the forefront of this. andrew liveris. liz: let's go all in. the report makes a bold prediction. it will boost the u.s. economy $547 billion in just seven years and create jobs, which, of course, we desperately need. >> one report does not make a plan. it is fundamentally flawed. $90 billion at $3 million actually 20 times value that would be under threat if they went ahead and took the recommendations of this report. it ignores the manufacturing secto
on the new york stock exchange. >> this state big deal on wall street. a $9 billion deal, no joke. see how the stock is doing down 16% they said they would be buying. up 88%, but it is not unusual to see the acquired to the downside and being acquired with arrows. obviously this is a very big deal talking about oil exploration and stocks. if you're a frequent shareholder, or little disappointed, but in the end they plan for a winning deal. liz: there is something called @he death crawl. we will get more with that in a bit. more than 200 companies have increased their dividends in this frantic move to move up their payout dates ahead of the fiscal cliff. taxes may go up on dividends but given the prospect of higher taxes, will dividends actually be dead on arrival in 2013? and what is the next big thing? the senior portfolio manager, you are so not on the dividend train. i respect that because it is a crowded train, but if not dividends, then what? what characteristic should they have? >> you are absolutely right. it was a great ride, but i think it is time to get off. when we finish this f
at the new york stock exchange with eyes on a possible energy takeover. >> reporter: i agree with you, liz. adam used to say a lot of cute things, the woman who loves the cleveland browns, little tidbits about liz claman. i enjoyed it too, adam, go back to that. [laughter] a hot stock to watch, and that's walter. when you look at walter energy, basically, we've been hearing that bhp billiton are said to be eyeing the coal producer, so this is according to british newspapers about whether or not anonymous sources are saying that bhp is stepping in. then there's others who are saying that it's glencore. everybody wants to take over walter industries, this is all, of course, just speculation that we're reading from the sources and on the wires, and that explains why you see this coal producer jumping 6%. big move for walter energy today, back to you. liz: nicole, suddenly the dow has doubled its gains, we were up about 14, 15 points, we're now up 31, 32. sandra, what are you looking at? >> i want to bring up an intraday chart, and while a 32-point gain isn't substantial, it is the highs of se
. traders at the new york stock exchange, cme and imax. what do you think happens on wednesday? >> i think most traders and the entire street is interested in seeing how they will handle operation twist. that really seems to be the case. i am of the mindset they will have a very difficult time explaining any extension. granted, it is not where they wanted to be but it is an indication that the economy is improving. liz: qe4 is coming. is that going to be another announcement? >> c evans came out a few weeks ago suggesting that they continue to use the 85 billion number. i do not know if they can justify that quite frankly when you have the economic data that we continue to see. you mentioned china coming in, the increase in electric production which is a great sign meaning that the economy is picking up. there was a big fear that mcdonald's and the american consumer would step away. i have a hard time believing that the said will be able to go on their way and actually put something in place that will say we need to continue this. liz: mcdonald's is proving the naysayers wrong. all three p
. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange with the details. nicole: taking a close look at facebook. in marc market check across thed where we're getting close to the closing bell. less than 11 minutes we will here the closing bell. a shortened trading day today. a loss of almost half of a percent. the nasdaq and the s&p also lower. the majority of shares to the downside going from sector to sector, dropped stocks and bank stocks are lower, earlier we brought you around and showed you mcdonald's and halliburton and goldman sachs and jpmorgan always down arrows. obviously not too much of a conviction to the market one way or the other. everybody is waiting eagerly. take a look at facebook. i look at the users. visit $38 ipo back in may, dipping down below $20 clawing its way back. talking positively about the mobile possibilities for facebook and that is one of the reasons it is so hot on facebook now thinking revenue will pop. as a result, up 2.5%. ashley: nicole, thank you very much. microsoft's new windows 8 failing to have a pop in sales. calling sales of the operatin
of it at the new york stock exchange. >> as you say, he hadn't said hello and left us at the altar started talking. this is the difference between what the policy says and the reality underneath the policy when the fed chairman, ben explains what they're doing. number one is that we determined the advocacy of the e-zines is not doing the trick, they will go to plan b., whatever that is. he said they do not have an unlimited bazooka so to speak to do this. that put a reality on the market. ultimately what will happen is they will put in a lot of money out to the marketplace for some time to come, and now have tied to 6.5% if not lower. the real issue they have, looking at things like the velocity of the money supply. it is just not making its way to the general economy, this being held at the banks and the businesses and until that happens, we will not see unemployment come down and will not see gdp growth. liz: there are unintended consequences. thank you very much. what does the fed's latest move mean for your money and how you should be investing? fox business exclusive with two super experts. c
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